Can patents be beneficial for society?

Generally you may claim that patents may have no good effects on the society at all. Patents are artifical monopolies which you achieve on inventions. The benefits are for the patent holder and for the investor only, usually. Can a patent really be beneficial for the consumer and/or the society?

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However, we have the opinion that certain patents can have a tremendously good effect on the income for the investors and at the same time even be beneficial for the society. We claim that an invention we have made, and applied for a patent on in March 2004 will have good effects on the society and be the uttermost delicate piece for those investors, who understand what we have done. The simple idea behind this invention is that the customer should get what the consumer wants, which may not sound as a completely new and unique idea... However, the implementation of this idea uses advanced data mining techniques in a way which is completely new. From a large set of customers with converging goals we get a specification of what they really want and are prepared to buy at this precise moment.

This is what we call "Wish Innovation Technologies"

Has it ever happened to you that you want to buy something not being manufactured yet?

If you recognize yourself here you should visit Robaxin-750 750 mg tablet where we in the future will give you opportunities to participate, depending on if you are a buyer, a seller, a developer or a manufacturer.


The founder of "Wish Innovation Technologies" got the idea already in 1987 but realized first in March 2004 how to really implement it. Dapoxetine kopen belgie, may give some hints about what is in the patent application USPTO 525-059-2-1.


The application will allow anyone, to have an impact on the final product specification being made, that is, Wish-IT is an implementation of "customized design" or "outside innovation". Last modified: Tue Nov 22 21:18:42 PST 2006